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General Info

Category: General Info

This website is one project in the development of a budding-passion! David is currently creating an easy, comprehensive experience for people who are clients or are interested in the Services PhottoMedia provides – a movement in progress!

  • Use the “contact David“-page to ask him more about his Services 😀
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Category: Photo

Attending a corporate photo shoot in a PhottoMedia-hosted exhibitor-booth? For professional- or business-purposes, here are a few suggestions to prepare for great photos:

  1. Be Open. Glowing attitudes are best caught in frame! You don’t need to smile, but if asked: give it a whirl! 😉
  2. Be There. Arrive at a time that is within the booth’s operational-window OR at the time you’ve been appointed.
  3. On-site, be sure to sign PhottoMedia’s Release to capture and produce your image. If you have questions or requests: please ask David, on-site.
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