Putting Your Best Face Forward

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Having your own photograph taken can be a challenging situation. There are some things you’ll want to consider when sitting for your next professional headshot session, putting your best face forward.

Why even do it?

You may ask “Why?” or “What’s the purpose?” You’ll communicate who you are to people who view your photos, and first-impressions are important.

A couple of obvious reasons you may want professional-photos taken can simply be for marketing or legal reasons.


You always want to be “having fun” in a candid-photo, right? Absolutely! A posed-photo has no less meaning when it demonstrates you are A Fun Person and you want to convey a sense of yourself as a professional. This is where headshot photos come in handy: putting the right headshot in the right place.

Determine What you want to communicate in a particular photo and slip into that “look”: concern, compassion, trustworthiness, joviality, accessibility, reliability. Embrace as many looks as you can, when sitting for your photos.


Sometimes, credentials are meant to be augmented with a specific type of photo. Your photographer will know Best Practices for each type or segment in your photo-session. If you have specifics requirements (eg. poses) for your photos: let your photographer know!

Photos used in specific places, like on résumés, licenses, and website-Biographies, will need specific Dimensions, backdrops, and lighting in their final-production. Work closely with your photographer – before, during, and after your shoot – to get your photos taken for The Right Reasons. Ask questions!

bring your best face to your photo-shoot!

How do I prepare?

Make your professional headshot session pleasurable and worry-free – try these:

  • Get plenty of sleep. You’ll have the best disposition after a good night’s sleep. Likewise, your eyes will also be “brighter”, your great posture will come easier, and you’ll be more-likely to take some risks in the types of poses you want to try.
  • Drink some water. A few hours prior to your shoot: “get hydrated”. Whatever that means for you, being hydrated will, in effect: tighten your skin, lessen any dark circles, clear your head, and make you glow just a little more.
  • Dress comfortably. From solid, complementary colors to low-flash accessories (jewelry, etc), your outfit doesn’t need to be complicated. If you’re sitting for a particular professional reason, wear the clothing you’d wear in your typical work-environment.
  • Practice your “looks”. Yes: at home, in the mirror! When you arrive at your photo-shoot, your session will go notably smoother. Pick out the “looks” you want, practice them, and bring your game-face(s)!
  • Refrain from impactful skin-treatments. Get a facial, your hair cut, micro-blading, or laser skin-treatments 2 to 3 days prior to your photo-shoot. Don’t do them the Day Of or the Day Before: lingering, localized inflammation or discoloration after these types of treatments may show through the lens. Regular shaving/trimming is recommended the Same Day for shoots.

You are you. There is only one You. Above all: make sure that you are communicating your personal brand, first. Who You Are will come out in the final photographs; Why you are taking them will be the icing on the You-cake. Ω

if you have Questions about your next professional photo-shoot, shoot David a message!